Voices By Choices (About Us)
The very first voice that gave Tahira Fortune the motivation to begin the process of founding the organization “voices by choices” that would soon touch many and grow large in number was that after the death of her very own son Samir Fortune known as “Saddi”. On Feburary 2017 his life took a final call. After his passing Tahira sought strength and would often be heard saying my son lost his voice. Samir was an upcoming rap artist, and he was very talented at this craft. “He lost his voice not by choice” Tahira explained. Samir was a lively, intelligent, and gifted young man with a great personality that would enlighten all who would cross his path. In his past times he really enjoyed just listening to some of his favorite artists. His dreams washed down the drain and were taken away all too soon. It was then and there in that very moment she realized she needed to do something, and she began putting the pieces together to carry on his legacy. Since a toddler Samir was a vibrant one of kind person to sum up his character Samir was the star of the show, he possessed adoration for music. Later in life he would do this same thing for his very own recordings in the studio surrounded by state of the art sound equipment to express his very own talents through the art we call rap music. His lyrics that he composed allowed his thoughts on family, current events and his goals as he was destined for stardom. Samir had traveled in the U.S. to record in another state for a short time before his passing and ultimately losing his physical ability to voice his opinions through rap music. However today his mother Tahira is that voice for him and the last recording of him can still be heard as they were released just before his passing. Samir can still be heard coming through speakers in the homes of his family and close friends, car speakers, and at neighborhood functions across Philadelphia by local disk jockeys that we nicknamed DJ’s. Tahira has provided other affected families by senseless gun violence the chance to keep their children from being remained unsung. Their legacies and stories continue to be told through voices by choices organization.